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Rodent Droppings Cleaning - Key Areas to Look for Rodent Waste

Rodent Droppings Cleaning - Key Areas to Look for Rodent Waste

Rodents can become a serious problem for property owners, as they can turn any environment into a nesting place in a few days. Rodents quickly reproduce and ravage your house, and their droppings are highly infectious. If you notice rodent droppings in the garage area (near corners and boxes), inside the kitchen cabinets, and in other dark areas, your house may be infested with rodents. Bio-One of Orange is the best choice regarding rodent droppings cleaning.

During winter, rats, mice, pigeons, and other household pests look for shelter from the cold weather, and they can be quite agile, making their way into our houses through the smallest cracks and gaps in the backyard, garage, attic, and basement. 

If you suspect your house might be infested with rodents and other household pests, we recommend you leave the cleaning and disinfection process to a professional, as rodent droppings and urine carry multiple bacteria and diseases, transmitted directly and indirectly. These are some of the key areas where you can look for rodent droppings in your house and how Bio-One of Orange’s specialists can help you decontaminate the areas:

Rodent droppings in the garage and basement 

Rats and mice can make their way through the smallest cracks and gaps. They look for dark, poorly ventilated, and low-traffic areas to create nests and reproduce. You can look for rodent droppings in the corners of the rooms and behind/inside boxes. Rodents also look for warm areas, so if your Heating system is in the basement, be sure to look for droppings around it.

There's usually a strong, musty smell when there are signs of rodent infestations and droppings. It’s the ammonia gasses resulting from the waste residue. Rodent droppings and urine are highly infectious and longstanding. Bio-One of Orange's specialists use the latest procedures and EPA-approved chemicals to thoroughly clean and disinfect areas impacted by rodent droppings and urine. 

Rodent droppings in the kitchen area

Rodents can quickly become a problem because of how fast they spread throughout the house. If there is a suspicion of rodent infestation in your house or property, it’s important to store food and edibles properly and do not leave them exposed. Rodents usually look for food at night, when it is dark, and there’s no people around.

Look for rodent droppings inside the kitchen cabinets, behind the fridge, and under the sink, and check your food storage area to see if packages have signs of chewing. If you own a pet, be sure not to keep their food and water served during the night.  

Rodent droppings in other areas of the house

Rodents can create entry points by chewing walls and floor tiles. It’s incredible to see how much damage they can cause to houses and properties. They chew on wires and leave droppings and urine in areas where it’s very difficult to access. When there are signs of rodent infestation in a house, there are usually trace and gnawing marks on walls, floor, carpeting, and paper. 

Rodent droppings and urine produce ammonia gasses that are very dangerous for humans and animals, especially if they suffer from respiratory health conditions. If you suspect your house may be infested with rodent droppings, Bio-One of Orange specialists can help you clean and disinfect all the areas that may be impacted. 

Bio-One of Orange can help you

Bio-One of Orange specializes in removing, decontaminating, and disinfecting areas from rodent droppings, urine and animal waste residue. Our specialists are caring and discreet, and we will focus on restoring your house to a safe, clean environment for you and your loved ones. If you need help with rodent droppings cleanup, removal, and disinfection, Bio-One of Orange can help you.

Potential scenario for rodent droppings cleaning - Bio-One of Orange.
Cluttered spaces pose a suitable environment for rodents to reproduce and leave their waste!

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