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TIP of Orange County, Bio-One of Orange, and American Red Cross to host a Blood Drive in Orange, CA!

On August 19, 2021, from 11 am-5 pm, at the Sanctify Church, Bio-One of Orange, in partnership with the Trauma Intervention Program of Orange County, the American Red Cross, and the Sanctify Church, will sponsor a Blood Drive for our Community!

Donating blood is a selfless and meaningful gesture to help potentially save the life of someone in need. Did you know that one blood donation can save up to three lives?

Blood donation scheme,
Blood donation scheme,

Your appointment for a Blood Donation will take about an hour from when you arrive at the Blood Drive to when you leave after Refreshment and Recovery. The Donating process itself only takes around 8-10 minutes on average! 

As your donation helps a patient in need of this, you’ll also receive a free health screening and blood scanning! 

About TIP of Orange County

TIP (Trauma Intervention Program) of Orange County is a non-profit organization that serves survivors of tragedies in our communities! These specially trained volunteers become angels in dark times, providing emotional and practical support to victims of traumatic events and their families in the first few hours following a tragedy.

TIP is conformed by trained volunteer members of your own community. They are ready to help you right after a traumatic event. You never have to go through challenging scenarios alone!

Learn more about TIP of Orange County here.

We need your help! 

At Bio-One, we are proud to serve and help our community with events that help give back to those in need. But we need your help! The American Red Cross reported a Severe Shortage Alert caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the medical care activities that were postponed because of it! 

As we resume our activities, we encourage you, your family, and your friends to sign up at and participate in this great initiative for our Orange Community. You can scan this code to sign up for the Blood Drive:

QR Registration code.
QR Registration code.

Naomi Flores, our CEO and Co-Owner of Bio-One of Orange, is available at 714-397-8375 if you have any questions about the donating process (Spoiler alert: It’s super easy!)

Save the date! 

August 19, 2021, from 11 am - 5 pm.

Sanctify Church - Main Sanctuary

1090 N. Batavia - Orange, CA 92867

Help us save some lives!