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Rodent Droppings: Difference Between Mouse and Rat

Mouse and rat droppings are completely different problems inside the house. Sometimes it is confusing to know their differences, but they are similarly unpleasant to see in one's home. Thus, depending on which pests you have, rodent droppings are easy to clean with the right cleaning easy on tøj til salg Mens VANS 2020 blutuszos mennyezeti lámpa bogner overal blutuszos mennyezeti lámpa bežecká obuv bogner overal bežecká obuv bezecke topanky team easy on tøj til salg bezecke topanky blutuszos mennyezeti lámpa

Comparing Rat and Mouse Poops

There are key differences between these two rodent droppings. In this article, we will circulate the discussion on their differences based on shape, size, frequency, smell, location, and overall shininess. 


Rat and mouse droppings differ significantly in terms of shape. Mouse droppings are much less rounded than rat poop. Meanwhile, rat poop has a more coffee-bean-like shape.


The size of their droppings has to be another important distinction of our subjects. When opposed to mice, rats leave behind significantly larger droppings, so it should be clear to the eye which pest you have.

While mouse poop is comparable to a chocolate sprinkle, most rat poop is comparable to the size of a tiny raisin or coffee bean. Rats excrete droppings around 12 mm. On the other hand, mice typically excrete droppings around 3-7 mm. 


Mice often leave behind a sizable amount of waste quickly. These droppings may range from 70 to 150. Rats make less waste from 20-50 but are more inclined to repeatedly leave it in the same spot. 


Rat droppings could have a considerably stronger, musky smell than mouse droppings. It is simpler to see a rat infestation because the smell of rat poop can stay in a place for a long time.


Rat droppings are frequently found in particular places, but mouse droppings are typically dispersed over an area. Rats often choose a central spot for their waste, either close to their nest or on their usual paths.

Overall Shininess

The general shininess of rodent droppings is another potential distinction between mice and rats. For instance, mouse poop is a much duller, more matte-looking brown than the rat, which is frequently glossy and black. 

Even though it can be challenging to detect the difference without comparing the droppings side by side, you might consider this while evaluating your pest problem. It should be possible to identify something by using shine as the defining characteristic after size and shape!

Rodent Droppings: Difference Between Mouse and Rat


It is also important to remember that rat droppings may include infections like salmonella and hantavirus that can be spread to people. On the other hand, mouse droppings are typically seen as less hazardous to health, despite the fact that they still contain bacteria that might result in illness when consumed.

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