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Why is hoarding considered a mental health condition?

Why is hoarding considered a mental health condition? - Bio-One of Orange.

Hoarding disorder has a major negative impact on how a person carries out day-to-day activities. There is a constant struggle between people and their possessions(regardless of how valuable or invaluable they may seem to others), as the thought of throwing them or discarding them is usually too much to bear. Bio-One of Orange’s team of certified technicians is prepared to tackle any hoarder clean-up scenario, no matter how extreme or overwhelming it may seem.

By definition, hoarding disorder is a mental health condition affecting how people perceive their items and possessions. Hoarders can accumulate all sorts of things: newspapers, magazines, books, food, household appliances, cars, clothing, and even animals. These possessions usually fill some sort of void or hold an emotional value for them. Hoarding disorder becomes a problem for people because they lose control over the things they own. Not knowing when to stop acquiring or discarding things usually results in clutter, waste, and other potentially hazardous situations. But this is far from being the real problem.

The Problem with Hoarding Disorder

People dealing with hoarding disorder won’t admit it and won’t ask for help. This clashes with the misconception of some people who think that hoarding can be overcome without help from professionals. On the one hand, for people to overcome hoarding disorder, there needs to be some sort of self-desire to get help. 

Conversely, sometimes people just don’t know who to turn to. That is why if you know someone who might be dealing with hoarding and wish to help them, you need to educate yourself on the topic and not be afraid to ask for professional help.

At Bio-One, we work closely with public service agencies, hoarding task forces, animal welfare, and non-profit organizations like the Trauma Intervention Program of Orange County to guide both victims and families through the hoarder clean-up process, providing them with the help they need, and to make sure they return to a safe, hazard-free environment. 

Although similar, it should not be confused with Major Depression Disorder

Hoarding disorder should not be treated nor confused with depression (major depression disorder). Hoarding has been recognized as a mental health condition of its own since 2013 by the American Psychiatric Association. Though they share some similarities in symptoms and ways of behaving, separating these two conditions has allowed mental health professionals to approach them with a more precise treatment. 

One thing to keep in mind is that people struggling with hoarding disorder may also be dealing with depression and other mental health conditions as well. But what does this mean? It means that a diagnosis from a mental health professional may play a decisive part in treating hoarding disorder.

Bio-One of Orange can help you

If you or someone you love is dealing with hoarding disorder, let Bio-One of Orange help you. Our ultimate goal is to help victims get their lives back on track. While these situations may be scary and overwhelming, our certified technicians are trained to provide the support everyone needs during this transition.  At the end of the day, hoarding poses multiple health and safety threats. Our hoarder clean-up specialists will work closely with everyone involved, being mindful and caring of all valuable possessions. 

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The Bio-One of Orange team is ready to tackle any hoarder situation with care and compassion.

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